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Get back to the work you are passionate about as an engineer, broker, planner, or landscape architect. Leverage the power of automation to create development constraints reports for your staff and clients by letting Swift Sites handle the tedious task of site due diligence.

Site Constraints

Swift Sites creates a constraints map to show areas that could be off limits for development. These areas range from environmental features such as wetlands and stream buffers to zoning transition zones that are defined by the local jurisdiction.


Development Standards

Swift Sites reporting tools output common development standards such as building height, setbacks, required lot dimensions, etc.


Zoning Compliance

Swift Sites lets you input your proposed land use and development type. With this information, along with the compiled development codes and GIS data, Swift Sites will tell you if your project is in compliance with the relevant jurisdiction. It will notify you of special development zones, conditional use areas, and rezoning requirements.

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